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Kalima International Trading is one of the fast growing company in Qatar. We are mainly focusing our business in Swimming Pool designs, Swmming Pool constructions, Swimming Pool Maintenance Service, Swimming Pool Fittings, Swimming Pool Plumbing Etc. We also providing variety of uniforms and safety equipments to companies. We have much business in supplying raw materials, building materials etc in construction field. We are one of the leading company in supplying food items to Hotels. We are having more than 60 customer locations in Qatar & Bahrain. Kalima International gets the finest quality cotton material from India & Egypt and manufacture Uniforms items for employees as per the requirement of safety measures of different companies and Hotels. We are also engaging in manufacturing, Healthcare, Food Service, Transportation, Warehousing, Imersion Suites and Rescue Stretchers Fire Extinguishers, Fibre Galss Cabinets, Marine products etc...

  • Quality service.

    We assuring Quality in our each and every services. Our products are delivering to the customers only after assuring its quality to satisfy our valuable customer needs.

  • Offering services with innovative ideas.

    We extend our services to the customers on their demand, but with innovative ideas to support and to fullfill customer needs and satisfaction. Our innovativi ideas in implementing the projects are most helpful to the customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Kalima International Trading, while providing services to the customers, first preference is given to the satisfaction of our customers. The products or services whatever may be, we believe, getting satisfaction from the customers is the main asset of the company.

We, Kalima International Trading doing business in Importing and Exporting of Food itsms, Transportations, Building Constructions, Real Estate, Container Services, Marine Products, Swimming Pool items etc. We are currently focussing the business in construction of Swimming Pool with we fabricated designs and equipments. We are undertaking the maintenance service of Swimming Pools, distributing Swimming Pool cleaning tools etc. Our pricing and rating policies are affordable to the customers while comparing to the similar products and services.


We are doing business with branded products only. Our products are durable with an affordable cost. Product categories includes all accessories of Modular Kitchen. We have a separate Quality Controll Team to ensure the quality of rawmaterials using for setting a modular kitchen.

  • Products

    Kalima International Trading has importing quality products from globaly different places inorder to provide best quality products with affordable prices to the customers as per their demand. We have no compromising attitude on the quality of the products as well as its servicing.

  • Services.

    Kalima International Trading has providing services with professionally qualified and experienced technicians backed up with strong management and support team to facilitate our customers quality services with an aim to extend our services wold wide by getting a goodwill on our brand.

As a branded well known establishment, we are very elegent in maintaining our good will in distribution of products as well as providing services to the customers. We are dealing with Swimming Pool Equiments, Swimming Pool Dress Materials, Swimming Pool Fittings and other accessories. We are dealing with Marine Products and Services including Container Services. We are having a good service on Transportation, Delivering of Food Items Etc. We've our own place in Real Estate and Construction field. We've a strong Professional Team for fullfilling your dream projects by implementing innovative designs. On demand our Team will contact or approach you for its further processing. We assure our service within the time with atmost care and safety. Customer needs will be processed with a highly professional oriented mechanism headed by experienced and enthisiastic Professionals.


M/s Kalima International Trading is doing business only with branded quality items and dealing only with well known reputed suppliers for getting best results from our clients. We deals with durable quality products only.

  • We deals with AquaSource Commercial Pool

  • We deals with Ferro 5 Speed Technologies

  • We deals with Astral Pool Products

  • We deals with Petair Products

  • We deals with Seagy Products

  • We deals with Electo Pool Products